3 Signs That Indicate That You Need A New Fence Around Your Property

The first access control measure you can install to deter criminals and intruders from entering your property is a good fence. With a great wall, you create a privacy barrier that safeguards your family and property from anyone malicious. But to enjoy these benefits, you must invest in a quality and well-installed fence. 

However, even the best fences deteriorate over time. So, if you live in an old home, there's a likelihood that your fence needs a replacement. But many more reasons may prompt you to install a new roof. Here are three indicators that it is time to call a fence company for a new fence installation.

1. When You Have Noticeable Gaps

Gaps are a telltale sign that your fence is on its last leg. They can create a severe pest problem because they are an entry point for rodents like mice and even bigger animals like possums and raccoons. Moreover, they are an area of weakness where intruders can survey and access your home. If the gaps are widespread, a repair might not help. In such a situation, you should call a fence company and schedule the installation of a new fence. 

2. When the Fence Starts Leaning

Another obvious sign that your fence needs to be replaced is when it begins to lean for no apparent reason. If the planks, chain-link, and other materials start sagging and leaning towards the ground, it is time to get a new fence. Typically, a fence starts leaning when the fence materials weaken and wear out due to aging. 

Weakening could also result from other issues, including pests eating away at the parts of the posts that are below the ground in a wooden fence. It could also be the result of extensive rusting in a metallic fence. Replacing the fence allows you to explore sturdier fencing materials that can withstand destructive forces.

3. When an Accident Causes Major Damage

When your car accidentally hits your fence and causes massive damage, you might need to replace it entirely. Damage can also happen when something heavy like a tree drops down on the wall. Most times, the damage caused by sudden and massive force is usually extensive and irreparable. In such a case, you should hire a fence company to remove the old fence and replace it with a new one.

Getting a new roof might be the best option in the above scenarios. When that time comes, look for a licensed and reliable fence company to discuss the most suitable choices for your home. 

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