3 Benefits Of Modern Aluminum Fencing

When you think of aluminum fencing, you likely think of chain link fencing. And while chain link fencing is made from aluminum, this is not the only type of fencing made from this type of metal. Modern aluminum fencing can be made to look just like wrought iron ornamental fencing. If you are considering one of these fences for your residential or commercial property, you may be curious what the benefits of modern aluminum fencing are compared to traditional wrought iron ornamental fencing. Here are three of those benefits. 

1. Modern Aluminum Fencing is Affordable

One of the biggest benefits that modern aluminum fencing has compared to wrought iron ornamental fencing is the price. Wrought iron ornamental fencing is expensive. Iron is an expensive metal, and it is harder to work with and shape. The increased labor only increases the cost of the fence. Aluminum is affordable, readily available, and is one of the easiest metals to form and work with. All in all, this helps to make this an affordable metal fencing option for those who want a decorative fence. 

2. Modern Aluminum Fencing Requires Little Maintenance

One of the biggest drawbacks to wrought iron ornamental fences is that iron rusts fairly easily. You have to constantly check the fence for signs of rust, remove rust present and use rust sealing products to prevent rust from forming. This type of fence requires a lot of care and maintenance. If you love the look of wrought iron fencing, but not the maintenance required, modern aluminum fencing may be perfect. Aluminum does not rust. It does corrode; however, most types of fences are powder coated, helping to prevent corrosion for the life of the fence. 

3. Modern Aluminum Fencing Comes in Different Styles, Colors, and Thicknesses

The last benefit associated with modern aluminum fencing is that it comes in more colors and styles than wrought iron ornamental fences. And just like wrought iron, the thickness, or gauge, of the metal can be altered to make yours thicker or thinner. If you are looking for a unique fence that matches your home or building design perfectly, a modern aluminum fence may best meet your needs. 

If you love the look of wrought iron ornamental fencing, but you are looking for something that is more affordable and easier to care for, modern aluminum fencing may be the solution for your needs. Contact a fencing company like Carter Fence Co today to discuss your fencing needs and find out if aluminum is ideal for your project.