Four Creative Ways To Use Leftover Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are incredibly versatile construction materials, and they can serve a range of purposes in your backyard. If you've recently had work done in your home and have leftover cinder blocks, here are just a few ways you can use them to improve your property.

Compost Bins

Cinder blocks can be arranged to create mini compost bins in your backyard, which can help you to reduce the amount of garbage you place in your garbage cans while creating natural fertilizer for your garden. Simply arrange the blocks to create three walls, leaving the fourth open. Place chicken wire where the fourth wall should be to provide easy access to the compost area. If you have lots of leftover cinder blocks, consider creating several bins so you can always have one ready to turn, one ready to use for fertilizer and one ready to accept new compost material.


Cinder blocks have openings that are just the right size for planting herbs and small flowers. You can use them on their own, or you can use the cinder blocks to create a wall at the edge of your flower garden. Simply dig out a little space in the ground for the cinder blocks to sit in, and fill them with potting soil. You can then plant your seeds or transfer small plants to the block openings.

Outdoor Shelving

If you need space in your yard to organize gardening tools or outdoor toys, consider creating a shelving unit with your cinder blocks. Pieces of plywood can serve as the actual shelves, and the blocks can provide the support on either end. For longer shelving units, place additional cinder blocks in the center to provide support so the wood doesn't bow or break. You can customize this project by painting the wood, and you can even use spray paint to add a fun finishing touch to the cinder blocks.

Porch Or Steps

Cinder blocks can also be used to create steps leading up to your porch or patio. Stack the blocks together to create the stair case so you can be sure they are placed at the right height to connect to your home, and then use cement glue to secure each block in place. You can place the blocks on their sides to create a solid surface, or you can fill the holes in each block with rocks and seal the tops to create a unique look. Consider painting the stairs to match your home or to add a bit of fun color to your backyard area.

There are countless ways to use leftover cinder blocks on your property. Consider these ideas for inspiration and come up with your own custom touches to add beauty to your property.

For more ideas or if you need more cinder blocks than you had left over, contact a company that supplies cinder blocks, such as Harrington & Company.