Keeping Your Cedar Fence Looking Like New

If you are planning on installing a cedar fence around your home, you will soon be enjoying the pleasing reddish hue it provides in addition to its hardy wood structure. Keeping a cedar fence looking as new as it does the day it installed can be done with some simple maintenance tips. Here are some ways to make sure your cedar fence remains as visually appealing as when it was first installed.

Clean Regularly

It is important to clean your wood fence so it does not become grungy in appearance. Excessive dirt on the surface can cause it to fade unevenly as the sunlight would only be hitting exposed wood. To clean cedar, rinse it down on both sides with a pressure washer to remove loose debris. Caked-on grime can be taken off with a soft-bristled brush and some deck cleaning solution containing bleach. Apply the solution to the fence in one section, rinse, and repeat. This will help keep the solution from saturating the wood.

Avoid Excessive Wear

To keep your fence in the best possible condition, do not allow your dog to scratch the wood with its claws. Cedar is a soft wood and markings will show up rather easily. If you do plan on containing a dog, add some plastic panels to the interior of the fence so the dog will be less likely to gnaw or scratch at the wood.

Spruce Up With Color

If your cedar fence appears to be turning gray due to normal wear, you can revitalize the hue by adding a coating of stain. Add the color to the wood panels with a clean piece of cloth. Rub the color into the surface, removing any excess with another piece of cloth. This will instantly give your fence a pick-me-up and can be done whenever the color appears less than vibrant. Allow the stain to dry thoroughly and consider adding a sealant to protect your new hue.

Add A Sealant

To keep the lustrous cedar color intact, you may want to add a protectant to the fence. This will help keep the color from fading and will add some weather resistance to the wood. To apply, simply brush sealant over the wood panels using a paintbrush. Allow the coating to dry thoroughly. Rinse the fence and allow it to dry before adding a second coating. Sealant should be applied every three years for the best protection.