Have Chain Link Fencing? Learn How To Add Privacy To Your Yard

Chain link fencing is commonly found around backyards because it is easy to install, as well as being very affordable compared to other materials. The fencing is constructed with metal wires that are woven together, creating a barrier of security that can protect your home's backyard from pests or contain pets and children. While the material is not stylish or colorful, it's practical for enclosing a yard. They require little maintenance, are durable, and they can be painted any color.

Unfortunately, a chain link fence offers virtually no privacy when compared to competing materials like vinyl and wood. If you would like to add some privacy to an existing metal fence, consider using the following three techniques.

Fence Slats

A quick and easy solution to add privacy to chain link fencing are fence slats. The slats are constructed with wood, vinyl, or aluminum, and they slide between the fence's metal links. The material reduces the light that can pass through the links and reduces visibility. While it does not offer complete privacy since there are slight gaps, it will prevent those passing by from easily being able to look in.

Fence slats will also add to the fence's aesthetic appeal, especially if the fence is starting to look old and ugly. You can use multiple colors to create different patterns, which will give your fencing vibrancy and make it stand out.


An inexpensive way to add privacy is with plastic tarps. These tarps are simply zip-tied to the fence to hold it in place, and are very easy to install on your own. The tarps do not offer total privacy, since the tarps do have holes spread out across them. This is to allow the wind to pass through the tarp instead of getting trapped behind it.

It is not a very appealing way to add privacy, but it is a viable way to do it on a budget.

Rolled Wooden Fencing

A more elegant way to add privacy is with rolled wooden fencing. It is constructed with several materials, such as bamboo, pine, and twig. The material comes in large rolls that attach using metal wire. The material will completely cover your old fencing, which can rejuvenate an old fence to make it look new again. You can also purchase partial rolled fencing for an aesthetic look that only adds some privacy to your yard.

If you need help purchasing privacy fencing material, go to website or contact a fencing company in your area.