Three Natural Ways To Beautify Your Privacy Fence

Having a privacy fence installed around the perimeter of your yard is an effective way to keep out the prying eyes of neighbors and random passersby. While you can have this useful fence built out of a variety of materials -- cedar is common -- you might not wish to appear unfriendly to your neighbors by giving your yard somewhat of the appearance of a bunker. It's possible, however, to easily increase the aesthetic quality of your fence in a variety of ways. In doing so, you'll have the best of both worlds -- a functional fence that provides privacy for your family and some elements that make it pleasing to the eye. Here are three ideas.


Many homeowners use climbing vines to bring life to their privacy fences. Although your particular climate will dictate which vines will work best, the list of vines you could potentially grow at the base of your fence is virtually endless. Ivy, clematis and grape plants are all ideal choices; there are numerous varieties of ivy with leaves in a wide range of shapes, clematis vines grow vibrant-colored flowers, and grape vines can offer sweet treats for your family members if you prune them correctly. Although you'll have to be patient for the vines to grow, proper care should have them climbing the fence quickly.

Hanging Plants

If you wish to install a series of support arms along your fence posts, you can hang several plant baskets from one end of your privacy fence to the other. It's ideal to use plants that hang low or grow downward; these will add a natural look to your fence without growing above it and making it look messy. Additionally, if your fence design has staggered boards, the vegetation from the plants will fill these gaps. Beyond adding natural beauty, your hanging plants can have a functional element; if you're short on garden space, edible plants such as tomatoes, strawberries and peppers can all grow from baskets, with their vegetation tumbling downward.

Evergreen Hedge

To further increase your privacy and boost the natural look of your yard, consider planting an evergreen hedge along the length of the fence. Plants such as cedar and juniper provide thick, green vegetation that can block the angled openings of a staggered-design privacy fence and will even give your yard a pleasant scent. You have the choice of planting the hedge on the inside or outside of the fence; if your yard inside the fence is cramped, planting the hedge along the exterior can be viable if your property is large enough.

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