Three Attractive Features To Add To The Design Of Your Cedar Fence

If you want to have an attractive and durable fence, cedar lumber is a great choice of materials. It is a wood that will give your fence a natural look, but it is also resistant to weathering and insects. Many things can be done with cedar wood fencing, including adding privacy screens, planters, and other features. If you want to get more out of the design of your cedar fence, here are some things that you may want to consider having done:

1. Adding Privacy Screens And Dividers To The Fence Design

If you have a deck above your fence line, you may want to consider using cedar lumber to create a privacy screen. This can also be done to create dividers in your landscaping design. If you want to have a design with different themes, screens can be a great way to separate different areas of your yard.  This can be a great way to separate different elevations of landscaping and make the changes less noticeable.

2. Incorporate Arbors And Other Structures Into A Cedar Fence

Shade can be a valuable addition to your yard, especially if you have very few trees. Arbors and other structures can be built to give your home valuable shade. They can also be a great way to separate areas like your front yard and backyard. You can use arbors to create an entrance around gates that go to your backyard and other areas of your home. They can also be built to cover sitting areas like patios. If you want more shade for a patio and no plants, you can use a design with a large canvas cover beneath or above the arbor. You can even use a waterproof canvas material to keep the area dry.

3. Installing Seating And Planters Along The Fence Line

Seating and planters can be another great addition to cedar fencing. You can use the seating to create an entertaining area near your fence. Planters can be used for many different features too. If you are thinking about a pond, the planters on the fence line can have a pond liner installed to give you space for aquatic plants and fish. Terraced designs can be a great way to create waterfalls of different heights by using water features in the planters.

These are some of the features that you may want to consider adding to your fence. If you are ready to have a new fence with a custom design, contact a cedar fence service and talk with them about adding some of these features to your new fence.