How To Keep Safe While Living Alone

Living by yourself definitely has some great benefits. You can choose your own movies and television shows to watch, you can play your favorite tunes, you can decorate according to your own personal taste, and nobody beats you to the ice cream in the freezer. However, whether you live by yourself because you are a widow, a student, or for any other reason, living by yourself does have some risks. Here are some ideas that might help you to feel and be safer at home.

Connect With Friends - Besides helping you not to be lonely, having trusted friends also helps you to be safer.

  • Consider selecting at least one friend with whom you can check in with when you're in for the night. Be sure that individual has your cell phone number so he or she can text you if you don't call at a reasonable time. In fact, it would be even better if you would let that person know at what time you expect to be home to prevent undue concern. 
  • If you don't already have one, think about buying a dog to be your best buddy at home. A barking dog is a great security asset. Even a poodle barks a lot and might be the detriment to somebody entering your home illegally. If you want a breed that is inherently good at being a guard dog, consider bullmastiffs, German shepherds, or a doberman pinschers. 
  • Know your neighbors and have the phone numbers of those you feel you could call in the event of an emergency. Keep the contact information handy so that, besides calling 911, it will be easy to access help from a neighbor.
  • When you are out and about and can't get in touch with friends, hold your car/house keys in a defensive position and carry mace with you.

Prepare Your Home - Make it almost impossible for strangers to enter your home.

  • Think about installing a security system. If you can't afford one, consider just putting up electronics and stickers that might trick strangers into thinking you do.
  • Don't hide an extra key under a rock or on top of the door, as those are obvious places for burglars to look. Instead, think about giving an extra key to a neighbor, in case you inadvertently lock yourself out and you have misplaced your house key.
  • A great idea is to look into wholesale fence supply for your property. Include a gate that can only be accessed by a code that only you know. If you can't afford an entire fence, consider having window guards installed on all of your windows. Fortunately, there are wrought-iron designs that add beauty to your home while they are offering you protection. 

Best wishes on taking steps to keep you safe in your home.