Tips for Getting a Stone Perimeter Wall on a Budget

A stone boundary wall can make any home and castle – and carry a price tag better suited for royalty. But if you love the look of a stone wall, you can still have the yard of your dreams without breaking the bank. Discuss your options with your fence company to know what's available in your area for what price.

Short Wall with Fence

Maybe you can afford a little bit of stone but not a solid six-foot tall wall of stone. You can combine a sturdy base of stone with a privacy fence embedded in its top. This allows you to maintain your stone look and the privacy of your yard.

You can opt to do either wood or metal fencing on top of the stone. Wood fencing offers more privacy and would look better with warm, earthy toned stones. Black metal fencing isn't great for privacy but looks better with predominantly white or gray stone.

If the short stone wall is still out of your budget, this setup might still be possible. There are stone veneer panels that can be affixed to the exterior of a concrete wall to make it look like solid rock for a fraction of the price.

Stone Columns

If a full-length stone wall is out of your price range, you could consider using stone columns spaced between fence panels. You can put a column between each panel or simply one on each corner of your property.

Fencing companies sell artificial stone columns that fit down over an ordinary fence post for stability. You can even customize how the cap, or top piece, of the column looks to best suit the style of your home and yard.

The artificial stone columns are weatherproofed and artificially aged so you aren't stuck with a "new" stone look for decades.

Stone Veneer Panels

If real stone is completely out of your budget, ask your fencing contractor about stone veneer panels. The panels install similarly to traditional vinyl fencing but look like a solid stone wall. You can even use the artificial columns between segments to make it look even more realistic.

The veneer panels are available in a wide range of stone styles and colors. While not as cheap as chain link or lower-end wood, the veneer panels offer a significant discount compared to using real stone. For assistance choosing a fence, talk to a fencing company.