Using An Electric Fence To Keep Your Dog Safe

There are many different fencing options for making your yard pet-safe. Many dog owners are choosing to install an electric fence in their yard, and here are some of the main things you need to know about these containment systems. 

Why Use an Electric Fence?

An electric fence can provide your dog with more space to roam in the yard, without the need put up a visible barrier in your yard. The electric fence can be a safe option for dogs, as long as they don't have an underlying health problem. 

How Does an Electric Fence Work?

An electric fence works by using an electric signal to keep your dogs alert. As the dog goes near the borders of the electric fence, your dog will start to feel an electric static that is mildly unpleasant. The objective is to get your dog's attention so that they will learn to stay within the fence's containment area. 

The mild signal is sent through the yard using underground wires that carry an electric charge. The charge can only be felt by animals that are wearing a receiver for the charge; it is a mild enough current that it will not affect other people that enter your yard or be a hazard during storms. 

How to Install an Electric Fence?

You can use a fence contractor to put up an electric fence in your yard. The first step would be to decide the boundaries of the fence, and these should be a few feet away from any public sidewalks near your property. The contractor will wire the electronic containment system, and you can choose where to place the receiver that controls the fence. 

Installing a Safe Electric Fence

There are a few important steps to keeping everyone safe when you have an electric fence. First, it's important that your wires don't cross with any underground power lines, since this could affect the strength of the current that your electric fence puts off. It's also important to make sure that the lines are properly buried and protected, so that they can't get wet during a storm. You might also need to install some piping to protect the wire if it will be run through gravel or other sharp surfaces. Your fencing contractor will help you plan your electric fence system so that it's protected from the elements. When done with care, an electric fence installation can be a great way to keep your dogs safe and contained. 

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